Advantages of iT2 Remote Services

There are many advantages of having iT2 as your remote services partner. Below are a few of them.

Your time zone is our time zone - we are located in the very middle of the country. Increase your productivity by avoiding late night conference calls and 72 hour communication cycles.
Your language is our language. Communicate reliably, avoid the rework, and get it done right the first time. It will save you money and frustration, and it just shouldn't be any other way.
Your desire is our demand. Save costs by paying only for what you need with our fractional FTE and mixed-skillset models. The choice is yours, so take it.
We have a well-educated, highly stable workforce in rural America with a low level of competition for SAP resources. Why settle for a diluted resource pool when you can have the best of the best.
A low-cost business environment combined with a low-cost professional labor market results in very competitive pricing. Many of our clients already pay higher hourly rates for offshore resources, and offshore frustrations.
There is no one-size-fits-all model for our customers. We are committed to defining a model that works best for you and your business needs. From dedicated resources to fractional FTEs and mixed skill-set resource pooling we have a solution that will fit you perfectly. Try us on.

Disadvantages of Offshore Outsourcing

There are many disadvantages to offshore outsourcing, from unpredictable costs and quality, to availability of quality offshore resources. Many companies are turning to the predictable safety of an onshore partner.

  • True costs involve hourly labor costs + overhead expense + quality + client experience + outcomes. Companies today must take a careful look at their true costs of offshoring in order to properly evaluate the benefits that offshoring does - or does not - bring to their business. “Done right the first time” is a compelling argument for onshore cost savings.
  • Offshore wage inflation is as high as 30% per year for top talent while rural American cities face year over year wage deflation. We can deliver the true value that companies seek when looking for an offshore partner.
  • High turn over and promotion rates, as well as high expatriation rates, have challenged and diluted offshore talent pools. Our onshore talent pools are rich and undiluted.
  • Top skills can be both scarce and more expensive offshore due to time constraints that result from time zones that are not in sync with those here in America. We can provide top skills at reasonable rates and we share your work schedule.